Nami Guide

Nami Guide

Nami Guide : The Tidecaller   Nami is a offensive support champion, Who can provide increase damage through ablities and crowd control skills. Nami can buff  ally units and use her skills to turn the tide of the battle.   Nami Guide Lore : (short)   A tidecaller’s sacred duty..


Vi Guide

Lol Vi Guide : Piltover Enforcer   Vi is a melee fighter who uses her high damage and armor penetration to take down her enemies. With skills geared for initiating a battle vi can engage first in a team fights and single a target and take them out. Vi relies..

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Thresh Guide

Lol Thresh Guide : The Chain Warden   Thresh is a short ranged support champion who can be tank as well. Thresh manipulate the battle field using his skills to change the potion of  champions and himself. Thresh excels at team fight with some good crown control skills and different..


Quinn Guide

Lol Quinn Guide : Demacia’s wings   Quinn is a high mobility Ranger with a crossbow and can also play as Valor a swift melee Eagle. Quinn is a Ranged adc who can chase down enemies and kill them off with the high attack and movement speed and can also..


Zac Guide

Zac Guide : The Secret Weapon     Zac can be played as slippery melee Tank, Who can be play both Jungle and solo Lane. As a health based caster he spends health to cast abilities. He is good at targeting targets while taking damage for his team. His skills..


Lissandra Guide

Lissandra Guide : The Ice Witch   Lissandra is a ice mage, With high utility skills effective for crowd control and good in solo lanes, she is good at crushing and impaling her enemies. She is also very effective in team fights and can maintain her range while raining havoc..


Aatrox Guide

Aatrox Guide Aatrox is a melee fighter who excels at instating fight and longer sustain.  Aatrox skills cost health so he relies on heavy damage. His crowd control skills and high damage make him a ideal champion for Jungle and Solo lanes. Aatrox excels in team fight with his crowd..

Lucian Guide

Lucian Guide

Lucian Guide Lucian is a ranged high mobile marksmen Ad carry, His high agile movement with fast attack speed and  good combos make him a really tough champion to take down. His skills may not be opt for taking out hero’s solo, but with good team support lucian is a..

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Review For Jinx Lol

Review Jinx Lol : Jinx is a Ranged marksman AD carry, who deals Tons of Damage, She spread chaos and Destruction using her bullets, Rockets and bombs. Jinx LoL skills are really geared for a good team fight with her ultimate and other skills dishing out damage to multiple enemies..

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Most addicting games in strategy genre

This list does not made to rank the best  in the strategy games, just to show some of the most addicting games in this genre. Personally I love this genre very much I played these game with my friends and had great fun many memorable memories as I grow. So..

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Free RPG games in 2013

These are some of the Free RPG games that were launched in 2013, I have selected games that are popular and fun to play. So these are the free rpg games launched in 2013.   This list of games that are launched in 2013 , so games like wow ,..

Top new pc games

Some of the top new pc games that came out recently

Few interesting new pc games have came out recently, And we going to check out some of the top new pc games that hit the market. The games we going to look are all very unique in their own way, so lets start   1. Scribblenauts Unmasked – A DC..

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A list of top free games for windows

  There are many free games for windows , but i am gonna give you the top 10 free games for windows. They are free to download from app stores, so download them now and enjoy. So here are the top 10 list of windows games. 1. Six Guns : The..

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Top PC Game Wolf Among Us

It’s a 5 episode series from Telltale Game creator of The walking dead. The story is based on an award winning DC comics/Vertigo comic books (Fables). It has a very Mature , Violent and thriller feel to it. It has a comic look with action based on click and pressing..